SAVE up to 70% with the eatSafe Ringer

Made in the US dramatically reduces lead times and slashes shipping costs.

About eatSafe's Innovation

The revolutionary design of the eatSafe Ringer allows for uniform "one size fits all' banding stock. eatSafe can provide customized equipment to suit your needs.

Made in the USA

We manufacture and distribute in the US for substantial overall cost savings. You reap the benefits with shorter turnaround times, greatly reduced shipping cost and no inventory headaches.
The 7 wastes of product packaging

eatSafe Ringer and
eatSafe Film Advantage

The eatSafe Ringer provides significant cost savings across the board when you compare to conventional preform shrink bands.


Built in the USA. Eliminate Preforms coming from China!

The eatSafe Ringer allows you to eliminate preforms without compromising your containers, yet still providing the tamper-evident security you demand.


Huge Savings with eatSafe Ringer

  • Save up to 70% on delivered material costs
  • Eliminate application labor costs
  • Reduce freight bills and shorten lead times