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About Us

eatSafe brings a fresh perspective to the existing market for preform shrink bands in the US. Manufacturers will no longer need to order a variety of preform sizes months in advance. Your company can maximize efficiency and save up to 70% by using the eatSafe Ringer and eatSafe film rather than using preforms from China. When using the eatSafe Ringer to package everything from party platters to tins, your company will enjoy secure tamper-evident packaging rather than settling for a tamper-resistant seal.


You will save money on labor, freight and inventory by choosing the eatSafe Ringer.


Our Team: Do you have special needs for your production line? No problem! Bringing an average of over 20 years of experience to the job, our engineering team has specialists in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, controls, and custom automation. We utilize the latest low-cost technologies and design philosophies to satisfy our customers' equipment needs.

Wayne Summerford

Wayne Summerford

Founder and President

Wayne has worked in the shrink packaging industry since 1991. Putting his background in applied physics to use, Wayne has worked in facilities large and small, doing everything from installing complete production lines to designing custom processing machinery. Wayne invented the eatSafe Ringer because he saw a need for an alternative to preformed shrink bands in the packaging industry.